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ICRI Chicago Chapter Contractor Spotlight: Sitar Construction

Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Sitar Construction (SC) has established itself as a leader in the repair and restoration services market by focusing on customer driven initiatives. With decades of combined experience, SC offers unsurpassed value and quality to our customers serving the Chicagoland area on projects of all size and complexity. In addition, we have completed projects in areas such areas as Georgia, Oklahoma, and Missouri exhibiting our national capabilities to assist clients and customers.

SC focuses on the Restoration, Strengthening, Stabilization, and Water-proofing of existing concrete, masonry, and steel structures. Specialty restoration methods include but are not limited to Post-tensioning and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer / Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer repairs as outlined below.

Market Sectors

Commercial Markets: Our project diversities include parking structure repairs, expansion joints, membrane and coating systems, concrete repairs and fire damage, strengthening capabilities including post-tensioning and FRP systems, façade repair, steel and wood upgrades, and injection services.

Industrial Markets: Our team of specialists assists with repairs including concrete repairs, equipment foundations, strengthening projects, fire-proofing capabilities, containment tank areas, and coating, sealant, and lining systems.

Project Profiles

910 South Michigan Garage Repairs: Michigan Ave. lofts is a high-rise building located on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago, IL with an indoor four story parking structure. SC was contracted to provide strengthening to the existing structure and address the concrete deterioration present. Supplemental steel structural members were added in cooperation with local professional engineering recommendations to address noted deficiencies. In addition, we placed a urethane traffic membrane over approximately 80,000 square feet of parking surface to protect our client’s investment.

Home Depot: HD embarked on a floor repair program in 2009 with a pilot test project in the Chicago area. SC teamed with HD and HD’s Engineering Professionals in development of this flooring initiative by developing key repair specifications and procedures. SC was then contracted for the performance of these repairs in three Chicago area distribution centers and others nationwide. We partnered with each facility including HD management teams in a spirit of cooperation to complete the repairs, some of which occurred during peak season, without interrupting production schedules, which were crucial business considerations. In total, SC completed over 300,000 lineal feet of floor joint repairs over the term of the project which was completed in 2011.

Corporate Center: SC partnered with the ownership group and engineering professionals to perform testing of existing post-tensioning cables of a busy office environment. The testing revealed cables that were compromised requiring attention and subsequent repair. SC was subsequently contracted the provide the engineered post-tension repairs within the existing occupied building without disruption to their workplace. The repair included the removal and replacement of bundles of cables utilizing swing stages while maintaining a safe and productive work environment for resident staff. A total of 20 bundles and 100 cables were replaced.

Canal-Crossing Panel Strengthening: SC was approached by a Chicago area engineering professional to assist in support of suspected design deficiencies in a new construction project. We partnered with the secondary engineer to investigate the precast panel construction to determine compatibility with local building code. Deficiencies in design were noted and documented by the engineer and SC was contracted by the ownership group to provide a strengthening upgrade for the precast panels. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthening was the desired repair to minimize the impact to the building. We partnered with the ownership group, engineering professionals, and municipality personnel to provide a cost effective solution that met the required building code.

Twin Lakes Balcony Repairs and Replacement: SC was contracted for the repair of over 30 balconies and to provide complete removal and replacement of over 60 balconies. Upon completion, a urethane water-proofing system was installed over the new repairs for protection of our customer’s investment. SC worked with the building’s residents to minimize interruption to the living environment. Dust and noise reduction were key components for the residents and these directives were completed to their great satisfaction.

ICRI Contact: SC’s key personnel consist of Mark Sitar, Jimmy Faitz, and Chuck Pleuss with decades of combined construction and restoration experience teaming with engineers, businesses, owners and general contractors to provide safe, quality, long-term solutions. We have each enjoyed many years of active membership in the Chicago Chapter of ICRI.

Contact Information: Sitar Construction. 199 Poplar Place, Suite 1. North Aurora, IL 60542

(630) 444-3559.